Time for joint meeting

Who doesn't know that? Sometimes, it needs much more time to set up a meeting with many people than the meeting itself. Within a company, that has become much easier since Office 2013 at least, because in establishing date, Outlook makes proposals directly when appropriate space in the calendars of the colleagues (and in the meeting rooms).

But what to do if you try to set up an appointment with customers or partners? Very often, there are then umpteen emails flying back and forth, until they finally found a date.

For this purpose, there is a free solution from Microsoft that is named "FindTime" quite a while. The person who invites, need an Office365 for this account and can install a small PlugIn for Outlook. Furthermore, you can define several proposals directly in Outlook when the creation of the deadline. The other participants simply select which dates suit and FindTime automatically creates an invitation to the meeting. On request directly with "Skype for Business" connection data.
The other participants must, by the way does not necessarily use Office365. This is required only for the Organizer.

If you have still no Office365: can be obtained like that about us. We can give you even a monthly right of termination as Microsoft cloud solution provider. So you have maximum flexibility and maximum productivity.

And if you think that's expensive, I can reassure you. An Office 365 "E3 plan" you get under €20 (net) per user/month. And if they have particularly strict data protection requirements: recently there are out Office365 Microsoft cloud Germany also from the.


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