The 'German' azure cloud comes

Microsoft has announced to build two new data centers (data center) in Germany for azure, more specifically in Frankfurt am Main and in Magdeburg.

So far there are data centers for providing the azure cloud services in different regions of the world, some of them in Europe, but none in Germany itself.

For German customers, the question of who has access to the data, if they are uploaded to Azure was thus far: for example, whether foreign government agencies and services can gain access to the data. In connection with the revelations about the activities of American services there were here but plenty of uncertainty.

Microsoft has addressed these concerns and selected a course of action which you want to create a new basis of trust and thus remove a major obstacle to the introduction of cloud based services for German customers.

Not only provided data centers on German soil, but the access to the data in these centres will be consigned to a German trustee, the only German law is required. Thus, even Microsoft itself only through the trustee can access!

Microsoft with its subsidiary T-systems Deutsche Telekom has appointed as trustee.

In a live webcast on the 12.11.2015, Microsoft has discussed this strategy further to questions, live has been answered according to current knowledge.

Microsoft cloud in Germany

Microsoft cloud in Germany


Here the summary of the most important statements according to the understanding of the author (no liability assumed):

  • The German cloud (term) here on behalf for the somewhat bulky MS name "Cloud with German data trust" will be based on two data centers in Frankfurt and Magdeburg.
  • The German cloud is available in Europe, not only in Germany.
  • Vice Versa: German customers are not confined to the German cloud and can use mixed cloud services.
  • Granting access to the data in Germany to third parties is done only through the German data trustee of T-systems.
  • Even, if MS legal action is taken in the United States, access can not be made by MS, because access always about T-systems must be granted and is subject to T-systems of only the German case-law!
  • Customer access is of course not limited and can be done all over the world therefore also outside of Germany.
  • Microsoft is in the technical requirement relating to the service provision, not T-systems.
  • So deployment SLA, availability, technical innovation, etc. is responsible for MS.
  • Only when needed, MS employees receive limited access via T-systems for the performance of their duties, is broken off when leaving the scope of access.
  • If something doesn't work, is always MS in the obligation.
  • All data remains permanently in Germany, including of all AD data, even with Office 365!
  • The data synchronization and backup between the German centres runs via a bona backbone, separately from the Internet. The data leave Germany not so then.
  • The option "Express route" for direct access by customers to the German data centers will also be offered.
  • Germany-specific certifications are necessary in addition to the already existing international certifications regarding Security & compliance aspired.
  • There will be an extra charge for the use of German cloud. Which should be competitive, is however, still today, still unknown.
  • Availability of German cloud around from mid-2016.
  • Probably not all azure services will be available at the beginning, these are gradually put into operation.
  • T-Systems receives regarding Distribution of MS cloud solutions due to the trustee status no particular advantages or privileges to other partners.

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