The System Center management user group on November 6 meeting. November in Munich

The System Center management user group (SCSMUG) meeting will on August 6. November at Microsoft in Munich instead. This time it comes to new developments and the future of service management and automation:

  • Microsoft announced a new service portal for the SC Service Manager with UR8
  • Service management automation (SMA) and azure automation offer new potential for automation.

You will find further information here:

The original area around the product was extended three years ago on all components of the System Center Suite, and also on Microsoft azure System Center Service Manager (SCSM). Since then, the SCSMUG is the service management user group.

The first meeting of the SCSMUG was on the 1. September 2011 at Microsoft with a participant instead. The Service Manager user group was initiated by the VAS value added services GmbH and Microsoft, so can IT professionals among the users of the product support each other and share their experiences.

Now, more than 25 participants from all over Germany come to the meeting. Some participants take an arrival time of more than eight hours on himself, to be at the meeting here.  The meetings take place in all regions of Germany. The 9. Meeting was for example in Microsoft's hub for Europe "unter den Linden" in Berlin, others In the Rhine-main area, in the Rhineland in Hamburg. The 11. Meeting was held for the first time the Bcc Minden-Ravensberg/lip, when a user.

On the website are registered of currently over 140 IT professionals, to get information later from the meeting.

The meetings are organized was the 1. Day and the entire community of the VAS value added services GmbH. The VAS applies in Germany as a partner to Microsoft cloud computing. The VAS is your specialists always some meetings, to support Microsoft partners through technical papers, news and assistance without expected return companies and others on the complex issue of "Cloud Computing".

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