We have what is missing

No system is complete. Standard solutions such as Microsoft Azure or even internally-powered data centers need more components and services to meet the individual requirements.
we have what's missing

For 18 years we are working to add existing standard solutions with minimum effort and additional components to a tailor-made solution together. Always the sense of proportion in the angle of view, we are looking for complementary components that reduce the profiling overhead of the full solution.

80% is standard software:

  • Azure
  • QlikTech
  • NetApp
  • Cisco
  • SC Service Manager
  • SC Orchestrator
  • SC Operations Manager
  • SC Configuration Manager
  • SC virtual machine Manager

We have what is missing:

  • Cireson
  • SquaredUp
  • Gridpro
  • Syliance
  • Neo42
  • Theobald
  • Connmove
  • Kelverion am
  • VAS value added services

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