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Planning, implementation, integration, management, maintenance, support and billing to Microsoft cloud services and combinations with our own solutions… All this can make VAS as a cloud solution provider for you.
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„To meet the growing demand for our cloud based solutions, we glad to give more possibilities to our partners through the Microsoft cloud solution provider program“, explains Phil Sorgen, Corporate Vice President, worldwide partner group at Microsoft Corp.

VAS very gladly accepts this offer for you. Our membership enables us in the Microsoft cloud solution provider program, joining Microsoft cloud services with an own offer and then to sell it all to the end customer. The customer need not deal with Microsoft, but buys the bundle at VAS. We keep the complete life cycle of the customer relationship from beginning to end. There is no minimum acceptance or annual contracts. So, VAS can individually combine different products and services for our customers and offer as a „Pay-as-you-go service“. Still, we can combine our own Solutions now also with Microsoft cloud services.

The cloud solution provider program are currently supports the following services:

  • Azure
  • Office 365
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Intune
  • CRM online

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