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Our tried and tested AC/DC consulting method:
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The cloud is changing the IT world. The requirements, the IT staff and decision-makers to change with. Before that aim was that one employee IT portion as z. B. storage technically and organizationally in the handle get, the cloud is in the age increasingly asked architect knowledge, design of multiple layers of infrastructure across applications and can provide.

For decision makers, there are additional options that apply to rate it with the cloud. The outsourcing of IT services is nothing new but generally, but the public cloud allows much provide subcontracting with significantly shorter lease terms, provisioning times, de-provisioning times. Or is it rather the private cloud? Maybe as a hosted private cloud? Or the hybrid cloud, to combine the best of both worlds? How calculated the return-on-investment? What error is it to avoid?

VAS provides with AC/DC – azure consumption / deployment consulting – a perfectly matched range supplementary modules in advisory, workshop, training and coaching to bring you safely and in the new IT age-appropriate speed in the cloud. Use first components of azure, or you want to cover a specific scenario on azure – then our concept is just as useful as if they had still no contact with Microsoft azure. Due to the modular structure of our workshops we can deliver exactly the advice, which is tailored to your company. And so the azure success is also sustainable, we offer also the azure operational support.

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