User Management

Simplify your user management! With our solution, you can automate all processes needed to create and delete user accounts by creating an Active Directory – account up to the provisioning of OneDrive directory on Office 365.
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Our goal is to automate processes hiding behind a user management. Creating and deleting user accounts – so trivial it sounds – conceals many sources of error. A process automation reduces the error rate and at the same time, all activities are documented even double systems belong to the past. Our solution simplifies this process. Clear automated processes including approval processes ensure that all required equipment (PC, mobile, company car etc) and necessary permissions are the new employee at the start of his work. The same automated process expires – say the employee leaves the company or changes the Department – in the deprovisioning. How do we achieve this? Via self service, user accounts are automatically provided and maintained.


Process to create a new employee in the system

With our user management solution you can via self service and automation provision new users accounts. You reach our solution not only a high level of standardization when the new user, but can delegate the tasks to Department head or applied to new employees in an HR system to react. Thus, relieve your administrators in their daily work and provide your users the convenience of self-service. Based on Microsoft azure Automation services, our solution offers predefined configurations for the required steps such as creating a user in the Active Directory.

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