Mobile IT

Work whenever and wherever you want. No matter what device and no matter which app. Our solution for your mobile IT offers you an integrated management interface for all devices, users and apps, and allows your employees to work safely at all times.
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Mobile IT greatly changed our everyday work. We no longer need a PC to do work our work, but can work productively from anywhere at any time. Our solutions enables you to ensure this in a safe manner and to give all employees access to your equipment.

Secure access to your company data

Set who can access such as on your company's data. Secure your enterprise apps and portals with a comfortable authentication solution that also a multi-factor authentication or a self-service enables sign-on a single, to relieve your support.

Remain flexible

Through our cloud, you're approach regardless of your local infrastructure. Test new apps and services without having to advance high costs. Deploy quickly and easily the tools your employees, they need for their daily work mobile.

Separation of business and personal data

Protect email and other business data in which you prevent that staff save sensitive information in private apps or cloud services.

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