Hospitality management suite

Our response to the many different hotel systems.
Data from multiple systems (E.g. PMS, ERP, POS) from one or more hotels to consolidate and compare.

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Our hospitality management suite is the answer to the many different data systems, which are used in a hotel. The linking of these systems is associated with a high manual effort.

The hospitality management suite offers you innovative and interactive analysis capabilities. Get to know your data better and gain a quick overview about your different data sources. Analyze the connections from your PMS from POS, from your roster system, CRM, as well as your ERP system and obtain each broken down on your sites current findings.

Send meaningful reports directly via PDF to your individual departments.


The solution uses modern in-memory technology, i.e. the data are immediately available to mouse click and can be processed directly.

The hospitality management suite can be used as standalone or as a server solution. When the server solution, you can access from any Web browser on the suite and explore interactively, regardless of the device used.

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