Dr. Azure – business continuity and disaster recovery

A company can no longer afford, take longer outages of critical IT systems. It’s even more devastating when data in the wake of a failure are lost. Dr. Azure is our answer to your requirements in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity. We offer you flexible and cost-effective solutions to protect your corporate data and applications. Take advantage of the power of the cloud to focus on your core business. Meanwhile, Dr. Azure ensures the health of your IT.

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Managed backup

Its ISO certified backup solution in the cloud for small and medium-sized enterprises – for Windows Server, virtual machines, workstations and file servers. Take care of your business, we secure your data – quickly and personally. Learn more…

Business continuity

Their individual screening program Dr. Azure! Plan with us, what processes are required to be prepared in the event of a planned or unplanned outage. Monitor your hybrid infrastructure and get timely alerts, as soon as the first symptoms appear. We test the real thing as a service regularly without affecting your current operation as a result. Learn more…

Dr-azure-business continuity
Dr-azure-disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

In the event that your data center is completely fails, you have well made with Dr. Azure – disaster recovery. Dr. Azure will help you as quickly as possible to get back on its feet. Using the cloud as your backup data center and continue to work productively thanks to automated processes in no time.

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