CRM / ERP / POS suite

Our suite is an open solution that allows you to evaluate the many for CRM available on the market and ERP solutions in a common data warehouse. Also checkout data from the PoS can be used in addition system for evaluation, if this is necessary for companies, such as for retail, restaurants, and much more.

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CRM and ERP – only together are strong

CRM and ERP are two important systems in any company. An ERP system is not a customer, but regulates the processes in production, logistics, personnel and accounting and controlling. The customer-related departments such as sales, marketing and service rely on CRM systems that allow ideally with enriched data from ERP, to get a 360 degree view of your customers, suppliers and processes.

With our solution, you can better analyze your customers and suppliers and realize faster insights from it. So are the sales for example numerous evaluations available, the buying behavior or payment habits of customers or a further evaluation by suppliers through the delivery and quality of delivery.


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