A company can no longer afford, take longer outages of critical IT systems. It's even more devastating when data in the wake of a failure are lost. With the business continuity and disaster recovery solution you can rely on the basis of Microsoft azure, that your applications are optimally protected.

Backup & restore

With azure backup you can back up your data outside your data center – regardless of whether your data center is already on azure or not. Their backups are encrypted and stored geo-redundant up to 99 years. In addition to VMs, clients or applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL Server can be backed up. Tapes finally belong to the past.

Unlimited disk space

With the hybrid cloud, you can use Microsoft azure storage StorSimple as extended storage space. All data that you regularly access, are available directly locally and all the data that you need less stored automatically in the cloud. In case of a fall, you can download only the data from the cloud, which are necessary for the recovery of your systems. The time until your applications are run again after a failure, reduced this immensely.

Backup data center in the cloud

Use Microsoft azure as a backup data center. With azure site recovery, replicate your VMs on Microsoft azure and can automatically continue on azure a failure of your local systems. It is no matter whether your systems locally, lie in your datacenter or in the cloud. At any time, you can test your recovery scenarios without compromising ongoing operations.