The modern IT is undergoing constant change. It is important that you not only have a management solution to their current problems, but also for future challenges your company with ongoing development to keep pace.

The operations management suite (OMS) is the all-in one IT management solution from Microsoft, with which you can manage all your data efficiently and protect, regardless of your individual choice of the operating system, the hypervisor or your cloud provider.

OMS consists of the components log Analytics, azure, azure backup and azure site recovery automation, which we would like to briefly introduce you.

Protocol Analysis

You can prepare the data from various sources and analyze. By visualizations, you can detect quickly important data about events and separate from the unimportant.

Always keep the storage capacity of their datacenter in the view and recognize early on future requirements.

Manage all updates for your Windows servers and be always up to date to avoid possible hazards of outdated versions of software.

OMS helps you in addition to recognize danger Maleware, to act quickly and preemptively. Therefore, you can increase the security of your data.

Backup and restore

Compared to the traditional tape backup, cloud backup solution by OMS offers several advantages.

The ability to archive a virtually unlimited amount of data for up to 99 years, costs can be saved significantly. A physical storage of tapes, which have a similar short shelf life of about 30 years, is completely eliminated. The personnel costs for the manual handling of the tapes can also be saved.

The available data space can be used more efficiently because only an initial full backup is needed and then only incremental backups are performed.

The risk of data loss is minimized by the backup possibilities offered by Azure backup OMS. Microsoft gives 99,9% data availability in this context. Thus, the azure backup solution for physical or virtual machines, on-premise or in the cloud represents a reliable business continuity (BC).

Use of OMS, you can take advantage of automated disaster recovery in the cloud. You need no expensive second datacenter. Through this hybrid solution, they can make data redundancy by replicating their data in the cloud.


You use your time more efficiently by the automate tasks often happen again, time-intensive, and thus fehleranfälliger. This reduces errors and operating costs. Create, monitor and manage cloud environment by Runbooks Windows PowerShell workflows based on using resources in your hybrid and deploy them.

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