Dr. Azure – managed backup

Its ISO certified backup solution in the cloud for small and medium-sized enterprises – for Windows Server, virtual machines, workstations and file servers. Take care of your business, we secure your data – quickly and personally. Learn more…

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Enterprise Mobility Suite

You have iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Windows-based mobile devices in addition to your Office infrastructure? Ensure that your staff with their favorite apps and devices to work productively work – integrated in their familiar environment. Managed by the same people – and only these people…

Azure site recovery – high availability affordable

You have no backup computer center, maintain operations in States of exception to receive? What are the costs for such a data center to them? Use Microsoft azure as your advanced data center in the cloud. With azure site recovery, you can automatically replicate your applications to the cloud and perform there after needs development, test – or analytical work, or to restore using the applications in case of emergency. Secure all your applications – also without your data – in the azure infrastructure.

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Office 365 + azure rights management

Do you have a mobile ‚workforce“? Should field offices be connected faster and at a lower cost? Ensure that important information can leave the company. Take advantage of Exchange online, SharePoint online, and OneDrive for business to get your data and secure access to personal data with azure rights management.

Operations Management Suite

The data center in its own environment is under control. But how extend I this management on the new services from the cloud? The Microsoft Operations Management Suite, you retain control of each cloud hybrid. Use this low-cost all-in one cloud management solution Microsoft azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack, manage. Learn more…

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Data growth is madness. The cost and complexity of managing not to mention. Manage your data growth and reduce storage costs by up to 60 percent. StorSimple with Microsoft azure, you use your cloud storage to offload inactive data. Take advantage of this hybrid storage solution, to use always as much storage as you need.

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